Freelance illustrator and visual artist. 
I Work on editorials, advertising and book illustrations.
Working in a unique cartoony style that’s a touch folksy and a touch naïve,  digital-nomad illustrator Maxim Usik infuses each of his images with wit, charm and natural warmth. His skill in finding clever ways to communicate what might normally seem dry and serious subjects has won him editorial and publishing clients around the world.
The global nature of Maxim’s client base suits him just fine. Born in Russia, Maxim moved to Finland at the age 17, to complete his studies. First studying in University and working for various graphic and web design jobs in small Lapland city Tornio, and after moved to Helsinki. 
After working in design studios in Helsinki he became a freelance illustrator and took off on a world tour, working remotely for clients while exploring South America, India, Spain, Asia and several European countries. Maxim studied at the West-Lapland College of Visual Communications and then the Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Science where he received a degree in Visual Art. 
Inspired by: 
Beginning with pencil sketches, Maxim draws and inks his images the traditional way before scanning them in and carrying out the colouring process on his laptop.
Maxim’s clear, slightly whimsical line drawings come to life with colour palettes that juxtapose cool and warm tones, while the work itself is marked out by its humour, detail and wit.
Fluent in English, Russian and Finnish

My Working Studio

I am represented by Illustration X agency
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