Taking extensive care of your pets

Youngster Gangs are using hunting license to use guns 

To enjoy the summer

Danger of taking Taxi cabs

Sportments are faster then a bullet trains

Stress everywhere – work, home


About doing walks even at winter times
Hyperacusis – any noice Extra Sensitivity 
 Fred Astaire
The many benefits of hunting

War Veterans still recalling WWW2 events

Regulations to use Sauna spaces properly (not for the storage)

Some might be fine hairs...

Hot Summer 2022
I have some feelings to express! 
Deprivation of freedom
Living on the island (near Helsinki)
Healthcare ethics
Flue prices are so heigh! 

Cats and puppies on Social medias


Weddings on TV-shows

Covid Time greetings might become digital 

Ready to serve

Relaxed freelancer

Book Fair

Is it true story or not?

There are people who always say: "Everything is wrong"
Danger of reading newspapers
Global Computer Error in year 2038

Finns like to get naked around

sometimes it's better to be silent
Public Critique 
Writer's frustration 

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